Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mmminty Clean!

I bought teatree mint shampoo & conditioner the other day, & oh boy, is it nice!  It makes the whole bathroom smell good, & it's definitely an eye-opener in the morning!  Along with a cup of coffee, I'm ready to go!  The brand of this wonderful stuff is Organix, & they have other shampoo scents I'm definitely going to have to try: shea butter, pomegranate green tea, grapefruit mango butter, cherry blossom ginseng, coconut milk, & lots of others that sound like they would smell wonderful!  There's something so nice about starting your day by singing in the shower & sudsing up with a yummy smelling shampoo!  Maybe it's a girl thing :)

I'm not what you'd call a green girl {not that I am not friendly toward the environment, but I don't only use organic products either}, but it is nice that this shampoo is organic.  Every Organix product is sulfate & paraben free.  And this shampoo & conditioner work well too, they don't just smell good!  My hair feels more full, plus shiny & clean!  A good hair day can makedifference in my mood, especially when it smells so good!

Have you used this before?!  If not, take a smell & I bet you'll want to give it a try!  Mmm Minty!  ♥
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