Saturday, September 4, 2010

Portugal, Perhaps!

I drove a good friend of mine to the airport yesterday morning so that she can go meet up with her sweetie while he takes his break from deployment {R&R}! I'm still so excited for them, getting to be back together again for a while! Before I know it, it will be our turn! And when our time does come, I think we're going to spend a few days relaxing together in beautiful Portugal!  I have found a fabulous hotel nestled in the countryside of southern Portugal, & I keep dreaming of doing absolutely nothing there but enjoying each other's company!  Delicious food, gorgeous scenery, a few good books, & oh the happiness of being together!

The Algarve is famous for it's beautiful warm weather year round, it's white sandy beaches, its golf courses, & its handmade pottery -- all things which sound lovely to me!  With the golf courses, though, you would find me driving the kart & reading a book while Don plays :)

Isn't it all beautiful?!  The last photo is of the hotel I have found.  It's designed with the strong Moorish influence on the area kept in mind!  So enchanting, I think!  If you had a trip to take with your hunny, purely to be together & relax, where would you go?!  ♥
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