Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Blue Star Service Flag

During World War I, Army Captain Robert L. Queisser had two sons serving in the front lines of battle.  In order to show his pride for his two courageous boys, Captain Queisser created what is now known as the Service Flag: a rectangular shaped banner with a red border surrounding a star for each service member.  Mothers across the nation quickly began to display the Service Flag during World War II, many of them making the flag by hand!

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, you can see a Service Flag flying at Mrs. Ryan's home.

In 1917, the Congressional Record stated: "The world should know of those who give so much for liberty. The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother is their children."

While the Service Flag began as a symbol for a child's service, the Department of Defense has since authorized the flag to be displayed for any family member serving during a time of war.  {You can read more specific information about the guidelines for displaying the flag here, at the Blue Star Mothers of America website.}

A few of my neighbors have this flag hung in their front window, & it wasn't until I looked it up online that I knew what it was.  The Service Flag is a beautiful way to show your pride, loyalty, & love for your military loved one.  I knew that I should have one to display while Don is serving.  And so, I quickly found a flag on Etsy.Com to purchase, & it is in a unique form: stained glass!  {On the right is shown an old Service Flag, originally called the "Sons of Service" flag, from Carleton College.}

I think that this is going to be a really beautiful way to display my own Service Flag!  I've always really liked the look of stained glass, plus I know the colors on this piece will never fade!  Just like the pride that I have for my military husband ♥

And if I'm really good, perhaps I will get around to making my own Service Flag or Service Flag Quilt!

If you have a loved on who is currently serving during this war time, do you have a Service Flag on display?  If you don't & you would like to change that, there are many sites online that sell the flag.  ServiceFlags.Com has quite a variety to choose from, & even jewelry!  There is also SaratogaFlag.Com, a shop that sells very traditional looking Service Flags.  I like these!  Or, for a faster fix, click here for a printable version of the one-star Service Flag.

God Bless America & Our Troops!  ♥

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