Monday, August 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

Ooh, I love the rain! Alright, after a while it may get a bit old, but to me it's the coziest of all weather! ...Er, I think snow brings cozy weather too, though :) Anyhow, the rain won't stop here in Germany.  Day after day after day, the sun has trouble showing his shiny face!  But I don't mind; I'm a rainstorm kinda girl.  To me, there's something cheery about it!  I know lots of people think the opposite of the raindrops & gray skies, but not me!  Bring on the cute umbrellas & galoshes in bright yellows & fun patterns!  SmileSing in that rain!  Skip through the puddles!

{ Images from WeHeartIt.Com, WeddingFanatic.Com, & SarahJio.Com }

Look, even brides wear galoshes!  Ooh, galoshes would be perfect for walking the dogs.  I think I should get a pair.   Do you own rain boots?  How cute they must be! I have a neighbor with an adorable pair that she wears while gardening, with cute cute long socks underneath! Alright, it's official: I'm keeping my eyes peeled for my own pair! For the dog walks, right?! :)
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