Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being A Good German In My Little Garden

I'd heard from many people before moving here to Germany that it is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Now, I think that has got to be true! Some parts are cleaner than others, but you really notice how dedicated the German people are to keeping their property clean & spruced up!

I just spent the last few hours sweeping our patio, pulling grass from between the stone tiles, & then repeating the process along the area where we park our cars. Don't I feel tidy &, well...German! It's not uncommon here to see little old ladies {along with everyone else!} all bent over using a tool to scrape grass & such from any area where it should not be growing!  This is how it should be done here in Deutschland -- it's just what you do!  So today, I joined in.  I hope that my German neighbors are proud :)

Berlin's Botanical Garden.  Now, here you can see where plants are allowed to grow out of place: on buildings!  It's so pretty, I think.

Oh, I love little gardens. I'm so excited for the day when we will be living somewhere long enough that I can really plant, instead of just have a garden of potted pretties!  Maybe I can create my own Secret Garden where I can read & relax in peace & quiet!  What an escape that would be!  Oh, & candlelit dinners would be so romantic there too!

See how much I love gardens?!
Of course, we'd have to have a hammock! Big enough for two! And no, I don't mean for Layla & Lucius :)

Oh, how cozy it would be to relax here with a good book & my sweetie!  ♥
I hope that each one of you has a comfy place to go to for some P & Q!

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