Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel Reviews: Stonehenge The Strange!

We continue on with my travel reviews, dear readers, by discussing Stonehenge. What an eerily famous place, Stonehenge, filled with mystery, intrigue, & possibly alien invasions! Oooooooo!  Are you in suspense?!  And yet, according to our tour guide, the mystery of how the enormous stones were erected has been solved.  Archeologists say that people laid tree trunks on the ground to form a sort of railroad track that they then rolled the stones over until they reached their final location.  Seems possible to me!

Oooo!  What were they doing?  I bet it wasn't nearly as mysterious as we are lead to believe.  Or was!  Oooo!
In a theoretical nutshell, Stonehenge was put up around 2500 BC as a burial ground, but maybe the aliens are responsible for the placement of these enormous stones!  In fact, if you look at this site from high in the sky, you can see thousands of burial mounds surrounding it, & together they all form the constellations!  Now, that is crazy!  But true!  Do you think that the aliens created Stonehenge?!  Oooo!  Okay, enough with the Ooooo-ing!

Oh, these photos were taken on my Dad's amazing Nikon.  Can you say camera envy?!  {And I tweaked em a bit on Picnik.Com}
Anyhow, Stonehenge was possibly used as a place of pagan worship.  Our tour guide told us, also, that the stones were believed to have healing powers.  In fact, the body of a man from Italy {if I remember correctly} was found in one of the burial mounds, suggesting that he traveled all the way in hopes of being healed at the site.  Poor guy--it didn't work!

A friend of mine who recently went to Stonehenge did this: a picture of her toes with the stones in the background!  It's a weird place, okay?  I was allowed to be strange!

Admit it...  Kinda a cute idea :)
There is one stone set aside from the others so that you can touch get all those healing powers, you know!  Of course, I pushed my hand through the crowd gathered around the stone so that I could get my luck!  I have now touched a stone from the infamous Stonehenge!

On a lighter note, any Spinal Tap fans out there?  The famous Stonehenge scene from the movie crossed my mind many times while I was visiting here!  Oooh, hilarious British humor!

{ Can you tell that I'm starting to feel better?! }
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