Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fit For A Queen Bee!

Two wonderful things to smile about today: 1} I was able to Skype chat with my hunny for over 30 minutes tonight! Being able to see him was oh so fantastic. It makes everything easier when we're able to talk, especially without checking on the time every few seconds. Oh, deployment, you can be done, & 2} I now have over 100 readers!  Lovelies, you made me smile!  Thank you!

As I sat in my bubble bath last night, enjoying my book & my tea with honey, I was also pampering myself to a face mask--a honey face mask actually!  Sounds sticky, right?  Right, but it's also super hydrating, which my little nose needs after being blown so many times!  Then, while turning my head to keep my doggies from licking the delicious sweetness off my face, I realized just how many uses honey has!  And I thought I'd share in its wonders...  You know, for fun!  And beauty tips :)

{ Let's Look At Some Sweet Facts About Honey }
  • Honey never goes bad.  Isn't that amazing?!  Archeologists found 2,000 year old jars of honey in Egypt & behold, the honey was just as delicious as ever!

  • Honey contains many vitamins & antioxidants & it's a natural sweetener, but it contains no fat, no sodium, & no cholesterol!

  • In honey, you can find everything needed to sustain life...even water!

  • Honey can both attract & absorb moisture, so it can be used to prevent scares & to treat burns!  And because of its ability to retain water, honey is the perfect moisturizer.

  • Honey is nature's energy booster!  It provides a concentrated energy source that helps prevent fatigue & can boost athletic performance.  It supplies 2 stages of energy: the glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly & gives an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly, providing sustained energy.

  • And my favorite: Need a glow?  Mix a half cup each of honey & milk & add them to your warm bath.  After 20 minutes, Voila!  You're a Queen!  You do know that Cleopatra used this potion herself, don't you?!
And a lovely yellow tub to go with your honey, courtesy of { Girl Learning Along The Way }.  If your bathing style is a bit more posh, look at this fabulous tub!  Need some mood lighting?
Now, if only honey could cure my cold!  Goodnight, everyone!  ♥
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