Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pretty This, Beautiful That, & A Good Day

You all seemed to like my recent post that was all about pretty photos, so I figured...why not do it again? I have to confess, my favorite blogs to read usually consist more of pictures than of words :)  There's something nice about a cheery image, isn't there?  No reading necessary, just smiles!  So here are some favorites of mine from today ♥  Enjoy, dears!

Oh, what a skirt!  How could you not smile & giggle while wearing this & running about with a bunch of balloons!
Marrakech, Morocco.  Why have I been drawn to this place lately?  The colors, the style...  So intriguingly cozy!  Candle-lit lanterns, beautiful tiles... oh I will have to travel here one day.

Love & maps.  This feels like moi.

I'm feeling almost completely recovered today.  I ran errands {including picking up my library copies of Outlander & The Far Pavilions, both of which are big reads!  Nine-hundred-fifty-five pages & 850 respectively!  I'm going to have to stick with it!}, got more tea & kleenexes from the Post Commissary {crucial!}, jump-started our old Beemer {what car designer puts the battery under the back seat?!}, took L & L on a much needed 45 minute walk, & talked to Don for 30 minutes!  He's not able to tell me what he's up to, but at least I can hear his voice!  I'm feeling good, & life is good!

I hope today has been good to you too!  ♥
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