Monday, August 2, 2010

Today in Photos: Nurnberg & First Flowers

My brother & I spent the afternoon in Nürnberg, seeing the sights & doing some shopping! Well, he did the shopping. I'm saving for my next trip with Don!  :)  Majorca, Spain, anyone?!  Tips?!

Beautiful Nürnberg
Look who came out to say hello this morning?  My two first blossoms of the Summer on my pink Rose of Sharon bushes!  ♥
As you can see, we've been getting a lot of rain lately.  We had quite the storm last night that woke me up!  I grabbed my cell phone to use as a light & ran up to the top floor to close the skylights.  Whoops!  We avoided a flood!  Then, it rained on us most of the time that we were in Nürnberg.  Oh well!  We had a nice Italian lunch under the protection of a nice big umbrella on the square!

I hope that this Monday has been bright & cheery for you all!
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