Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Jumped! + Update On Don

*Update from the "Sandbox"!* Don has safely arrived in Afghanistan & all is well! Hip hip hooray! He's been able to send me text messages still {how amazing is that?!} & emails as well! He says that it looks a bit like Southwest Oklahoma...with more sand :)

Remember my post from a few days ago? The one where I was a bit down in the dumps & needed a lift {pun intended}, so I posted some pictures of celebrities looking cheery & free as they jumped into the air for their TIME magazine photographer? Well, my fabulous MIL reminded me...Don & I did just this for a few of our wedding photos!  Now that I think about it, I wish we'd done some this way with just Don & me, but that's ok!  We have a lifetime for that :)  Having the entire bridal party jumping together was an awesome look!  It seems to be a pretty common trend in wedding photography lately, but I still like it :)

I can't believe this was almost two years ago.  June 14, 2008 was our fabulous wedding day!  It's almost time for our anniversary, baby   Don bought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses before he left.  I love that man!  {Oh, & yes...I am barefoot in this picture!}
We had so much fun taking wedding pictures together!  Our photographers were fantastic.  It was a man & his wife, which made it all the more perfect! 
In just a few days when it's actually our Wedding Anniversary, I will post a few more of my favorite wedding photos.  I can't believe that it's already been two years!  And they have without a doubt been the best two years of my life.  I know that everyone says that; it's pretty cliche!  But I mean it.  Being with Don, no matter where that is or what life is throwing at us at the time, is exactly what I've always wanted.  Even now, with this deployment just beginning & an entire year of separation before us, I wouldn't have it any other way.  My husband is my hero.  My husband is my best friend.  My husband is mine & I am his!  Nothing in the world can change that!  ♥

So, here's to jumping for joy at all of life's blessings!  {I'm hoping that I'm blessed with a Skype call today!}

Happy Weekend, everyone!
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