Friday, May 14, 2010

Toes In The Adriatic

In two days, Don & I will be on our way to Croatia, our bags packed with good books, swimsuits, & sightseeing clothes!  This is going to be a wonderful relaxing trip for us, time to just focus on being together.  We need that.  We'll always remember this trip.  It feels as though we're going on a second honeymoon!  I suppose I will think of it as an early Anniversary vacation, since that is coming up on June 14th!  Two years...the best two years of my life!  How lucky we are to be taking another fantastic trip together!

Our beautiful hotel!
A view of our hotel from the Adriatic!

Mmm, I am so excited to get into that water!

...or bask in the sun by the pool!

How pretty is the island we will be staying on?!  Just a short ferry ride to Dubrovnik!

We are going to have breakfast & a three-course dinner each day in this glorious spot!
 Wishing each one of you a fabulous relaxation trip of your own very soon!  Where would you go?!
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