Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relaxed + In Love + Croatia

At 6:25 pm, it is a beautiful 69 degrees & the sun is still shining bright down on our little Bavarian home.  Don is grilling pork for a Mexican-style Chili Verde dinner {smells divine!}, the dogs are happy to be home & are catching up on their sleep.

We got back late last night from our 6 day stay in southern Croatia, & I have got to say that I would go back in a heartbeat! Of course, when we have the chance to travel we like to go to a new place, but if we had to go somewhere for a second time, Croatia would be just fine with me!  {More later.  We have some great photos!  This one we took with our trusty self-timer, at the sea's edge just below our hotel.}

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