Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travel Review 1: S.A. Prum & The Mosel

Since I didn't do any posting while my parents were here during the last two weeks, I've decided I'll use my next few posts to write in detail about some of my favorite parts of our trip!  We went quite a few places, four countries to be exact!  So here is part one of who knows how many posts regarding our European adventures with my parents!  Enjoy!

First off, the S.A. Prüm winery along the Mosel River Valley.  The Prüm family has owned & operated this vineyard since 1156!  What a legacy!  It was incredible to hear the history of the place as well as to learn why the Mosel Valley produces some of the world's best Rieslings.  It really is a science, & I'm so grateful to those who have mastered these techniques :)

We stayed at their Guesthouse for three nights & really enjoyed the peacefulness!  The rooms were huge {a rarity in Europe}, the breakfast was delicious {traditional German breakfast with cheeses, breads, & strong coffee.  My favorite?  The chocolate croissants!}, & our hosts were so friendly!  Raimund Prüm even gave us a wine tasting one afternoon to sample all of the vineyard's delicious creations, including an incredible dessert wine that sells for about €450 for a half bottle!  I've never tasted anything so delicious, but when my Mom & I inquired about the price, we very quickly decided we were happy just to have had such a sample!

The biggest {but still little!} town nearby our hotel was Bernkastel, a very charming place where we enjoyed wandering the streets & eating delicious schnitzels!  We also made our way up the mountainside one evening to find the castle that overlooks the town & the winding river.  What a place!  It was nice being at a castle where you weren't charged an arm & a leg to look around!  In fact, we didn't pay a thing to get close, & there wasn't anyone else there when we were!  Beautiful.  We'd love to go back.

S.A. Prüm sells their delicious wines in the States, so keep your eyes peeled for it in your locel wine shop if you are interested in giving it a try!  My personal favorite?  Definitely the Rieslings.  Mmm!  If these were the only white wines I could drink for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy girl!
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