Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Can.

Life is getting ready to throw some tough situations at me, & I'm doing all I can to prepare myself ahead of time. I have found that learning about this situation helps a lot... It's easier to be scared about something you know nothing about than something you understand pretty well!  And prayer....oh, the wonderful power of prayer!  I know God has been to my tomorrows & He has seen all that they have in store for me!  Prayer gives me Peace, & God gives me strength!

And this cute little picture quote that I found today on Pink Wallpaper makes me smile.  It puts an oh so simple spin on any oh so yucky situation.  It's empowering, don't you you think?  Stop telling yourself that you can't, & decide that you can!!  Stop dreaming about your goals, & make plans to see them through!  Now, that's something we should stick to in every chapter of our life.

What "can'ts" can you turn into "cans"?  {Eee, those spellings definitely belong in quotes!}  What dreams do you want to turn into plans?  I can be strong.  I can get through!  I will stay busy & active.  I will travel.  I will learn to quilt & knit.  Now, to do all these things :)

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