Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Match Your Nails To Your E-mails"

I just came downstairs with my box of nail polish colors {which is only half of my collection since it wasn't easy to bring it all in my suitcase when we moved here!} & decided to look up the new OPI color line for this season!  I haven't seen OPI polish sold here anywhere, which is a major bummer, & so I have no idea about what's new!

Hong Kong is the new color line, & I really like it! Well, from what I can see through pictures on the net, that is :) And, as always, the names are so cute & clever!  Bling Dynasty, Dim Sum Plum, Hot & Spicy, Jade Is The New Black, & Red My Fortune Cookie are just some of them.  Anyone know where I can buy OPI in Europe?  In Germany?  In Bavaria?!

These photos courtesy of Vampy Varnish . Com

But on to the topic that really made me post: Match Your Nails To Your Emails.  OPI & Dell Computers have teamed up to offer laptops with covers in an OPI color!  And they're gorgeous!  And I'm in the market for a new laptop *wink wink!*  It would be difficult for me to choose between Kyoto Pearl, La Paz-itively Hot, & Rosy Future!  Check out OPI . Com & Dell-Design Studio to see all the pretty options!

And my color of choice for tonight?  I'm painting Midnight In Moscow to match my toes :)