Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dinner For One, What To Do

If you're the wife of a military man, then you know exactly what I mean when I say "dinner for one". What do you fix when you're home alone?  I went to the Commissary late this afternoon in hopes of being inspired, but for the most part I ended up with my usual "home alone" meals: cereal, baked potato with garlic sauteed peppers & chicken, cereal, Lean Cuisines, frozen Chinese food, cereal, & a few easy meals that make delicious leftovers.  And cereal.  *sigh*  Do any of you have easy single meal recipe ideas to share?!

A few days ago, I did part of my pre "Don's about to leave" routine & went to the library on Post to rent some girly movies.  There's something a bit comforting about being able to watch something cute & feminine while Don is gone.

And so, my entertainment for the evening: Down With Love with Ewan McGregor & Renee Zellweger.  It came out in 2003, but I've never seen it.  In fact, I don't even have any idea what it's about!  But it looks cute, right?  Hopefully, it does the trick for occupying me this evening :)  Plus, Don & I don't usually watch girly movies like this, so it's actually kinda a treat!

And I hope that trailer was good, because I didn't watch it first! I didn't even read the synopsis on the back of the DVD case! I love movie surprises :)  Well, I'd better go take my Mandarin Orange Chicken out of the oven, fluff my brown rice, & heat up the sauce {that actually doesn't sound half bad!}.

To all of you who have your families right there with you, fix a delicious dinner for them & for yourself, sit around the dining room table, & enjoy each other's company! It's such a blessing, but one that is easy to take for granted! ♥