Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Green, Please!

Well, it's 9:21 a.m. here & I was planning to leave the house at 9:15 to drive to post in my cute little Mini Cooper {yes, I had to throw that in because I just love my car!  Thank you, baby!} for a workout at the gym & then lunch with my sweetie.  But instead, I got distracted checking out the new posts on some of my favorite blogs.  I'm a sucker for decorating blogs!  Simply Seleta is a fantastic one, in my humble opinion, & she posted a picture there a few days ago that caught my eye & was my complete vision for spring & summer...

Don't you just instantly *sigh* relax at the sight of this photo?  And I do just the opposite at the sight of my muddy backyard!  Spring, sun, & green green grass, are you close at least?!  I hope so.

And now, before it gets any later, I'd better go hop in that cute Mini of mine!