Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doing My Part

With Don & his guys staying so busy to ensure that they're always well trained & doing the best job possible, I've become determined to do my part too!  I've been the Treasurer for Don's Battery's FRG pretty much since we arrived here in May of 09, & that has been a great experience for me!  It doesn't keep me too busy, but it has been a nice opportunity to meet more of the spouses & to get more involved in volunteering for the Battery.  I want to do more, though...

This morning, I stepped it up a notched {Emeril is distracting me on TV as I write this!} & took the training course to become a POC {Point Of Contact, for all my non-military readers!}.  A POC is responsible for contacting x number of spouses in the FRG whenever there is news of any kind to be shared.  Our FRG isn't getting many volunteers for positions like this, so why not me?!  It's a good feeling, too, knowing that while Don does his amazing part, I'm also doing my best to do my part!  We are a team!

Tonight, there is a Squadron-wide FRG meeting with only the women in attendance {shriek!}; that should be interesting!  Hopefully, there will be no typical drama.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Another aspect of doing my part is keeping busy while Don is out in the field.  And sometimes, one of my favorite ways of doing this is just to pick up some girlie movies from the library, make a yummy dinner, & paint my nails in front of the TV {with one pony on each side of me on the sofa, of course!}.  It's not easy having your man gone often, but that's what makes us so tough, right ladies?!!