Monday, March 8, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise!

I got a call Saturday night, right after walking into a friend's house for "Girls' Movie Night", & guess who it was?!  Don!!  "Please come pick me up," he said!  "I can come home for a little bit!"  Eee, I was so excited & it must have shown because one of the ladies there with me kept saying, "Look at her eyes, they are sparkling!"  And I'm sure that it was true!

I hopped in the Mini & sped off to Post {well, I didn't speed, but I was definitely movin, & singing loud to some Shania Twain!}.  What a wonderful feeling knowing that we were going to be able to have some unexpected time together!  By the way I was acting & feeling, you'd have thought that we hadn't seen each other in ages!  It was so good to be back together.  I felt all lit up again!  He hadn't even been gone for 3 days & I had already started wandering around the house wondering what to do with myself.  I'm going to have to learn how to get over that faster!  And to have him home again, oooh it was so nice!

Don had to do some things Sunday morning & afternoon, so I stayed busy at home looking {again!} for the perfect place for us to stay on our next trip: Croatia!  {I think I found it this time!  More later...}  Then, Don was home & we spent the rest of the day being together & loving it!

I made him pumpkin muffins & rice krispie treats to take with him, along with a big thermos of coffee!  I'd done all this when he left a few days before, but he told me he'd eaten it all & asked for more :)  I was happy to, of course!  Trying to take care of him even when we're not together!

Now I'm feeling a bit more pulled together, so hopefully that lasts the rest of the time he's away.  *fingers crossed!*

I have a fairly eventful week ahead:
  • An appointment at the Mini dealership
  • Lucius is getting fixed on Saturday {& I'll have to be very diligent about keeping Layla from playing with him!}
  • A POC meeting
  • Hopefully, a trip to IKEA {I need curtains!}
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend & that you also have an exciting week ahead of you!
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