Monday, March 8, 2010

What's The Point Of Being Whiney?!

What is the point of being grumpy & pessimistic?  Unpleasant & just plain negative?  I've run into quite a few people like that recently, & I just don't get it!  Life is good!  Even for those people I'm thinking of right now who seem to be in the frame of mind that life just is too tough, or it's unfair.  Why?

The reason I'm writing this is because of a woman I saw & spoke with while at the BMW & Mini Dealership this afternoon.  She has a Mini, a BMW, & an Audi.  Obviously, this woman likes nice cars!  But when the mechanic told her that the brake pads needed replaced one the car she had in for service, she flipped out, called her husband & complained to him also, & basically created a scene.  She was the type that was mumbling to herself from time to time, making snide remarks under her breath hoping that someone would comment & she would be able to complain to them too!  The BMW mechanic was very patient with her, answered all her questions politely, & even spoke to her husband on the phone.  He was nothing but nice!

I waited my turn behind this woman, then sat down at the waiting table with her after I was helped.  Of course, she began to talk to me about how Americans {she had a German accent} are treated so terribly here in Germany.  I strongly disagree.  I have never had a bad experience here because I am an American!  She was convinced that the BMW Serviceman was trying to steal her money...

I made sure to smile at the man when he returned my keys to me after working on my Mini, & I with my smile I said, "Danke schön!  Tschuss!" in my best Germany accent!  {Thank you!  Bye!}

And so my question to you is this: Why do some people insist on being unpleasant & unhappy, like the world is against them?!  It does seem like they insist on it, like they're determined to complain or find fault with nearly every situation they encounter!  It baffles me.  There are people in the world who truly have problems, & to have to pay for new brake pads on your BMW?  I wouldn't consider that a problem...

But then again, that's just me :)
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