Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update On Lucius...

Y ou may remember my post a while ago about Lucius looking too skinny!  I took him to the Vet, she agreed that he was too skinny, decided to test for worms...  Turns out that was the problem & that he may have had them since we got him!  Due to a paperwork issue, we couldn't take him to the Vet until early this month & so even though I had my suspicions, I couldn't do anything!

Now that Lucius has had his medicine & is healthy again, he is like a brand new puppy!  No more laying around, he no chases Layla in the park, pounces on toys, & well...acts like the 6 month old puppy that he is!  Plus, I bet he's put on 10 pounds, making him at least 95 pounds!  It's so nice to know that he is healthy & playful!

One interesting fact I stumbled upon while researching this topic was that when dogs have worms, their hair can become dull & rough.  Yep, Lucius' hair was that way.  But now, just weeks after the medicine, his hair is becoming silky smooth, just like Layla's!

Just another thing I've learned about dogs :)