Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fatten Him Up! // Beautiful Snowscapes // Salt In Euro Dishwashers?!

Yes, you read correctly!  Fatten him up!  And no, I don't mean Don :)  It's Lucius who needs to put on some weight!  Don & I had been a bit concerned about how skinny he is, so I took him to the Vet yesterday for a check-up.  Sure enough, the boy needs to put on a little weight!  He's 85.2 pounds at about 5 months old, but you can see his ribs too easily!  So, I've doubled his food & he scarffs {even a word?!} it down just as quickly as ever!  The Vet is worried about possible parasites & will be running a test soon to see if that could be the problem.  I sure hope that all Lucius needs is more food!

So sleepy in the back of the car after being poked & prodded at the Vet!

On another note, it's very pretty here!  We've been getting a lot of snow, most of it falling slowly & lightly but almost constantly!  I think that it makes the trees look like they've been covered with a dusting of powdered sugar :)

Two pictures I safely snapped while driving home from the Vet!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week so far! I've spent my days since Monday getting over a cold... I always seem to get sick after making a trans-Atlantic flight! Boo!

Also, I've had the Hausmeister here to look at my dishwasher -- again! Due to the language barrier, I've had to do some research of my own. Come to find out that the water here in Europe is so "hard" that dishwashers have a built in water softener that needs refilled with salt every once in a while, otherwise {as I've come to find out!} your dishes will be left with a white film on them after the washing cycle has completed. Hmm! So I have refilled the salt & also discovered that the only thing that seems to remove the film is vinegar. Interesting! I'm always learning!