Wednesday, January 20, 2010

German Christmas Stars - They Make Me Smile!

When Christmas time comes around, these beautiful star decorations come out! You see them hanging in home windows, shop windows, outside stores, & I even saw them at the Lufthansa check-in counters at the airports!

They range from plain paper to decorated with glitter & beautiful designs. Mine is red with paisley designs in red glitter, & Don bought it for me at the Nurnberg Christkindlmarkt early December. It's still hanging in our living room, its light beaming a red glow at night. I like it so much that not only do I think I won't be taking it down, but there's a safe chance I might buy a few more!

I will take pictures of my own star soon & put them here, but for now here are some photos I found online. Aren't they so cheery & pretty?!  I think they would look just perfect in a nursery!

And here is a picture of my star!  I turned the lights off in the Living Room hoping that the star would glow :)

So there you go! If you would like to buy a star of your own, I found a site called Hometown Evolution, Inc. that has many beautiful designs available for as low as $8.95!  Also, LightsOfIndia.Com & even  If you don't see one there that you like, just try Googling "buy paper star light"...  at least, that's what worked for me!