Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweden For Valentine's Day!

Don has a four day weekend around Valentine's Day {for President's Day Weekend}, a perfect opportunity to take another trip! But where to go? While talking about it, I told him it would be fun if he would surprise me with the location! I love surprises! He was going to plan the whole thing so that I wouldn't know where we were going until we got to the airport. How fun! But last night, after he'd been looking for hotels while I was busy elsewhere in the house, he said, "You're so good at finding great hotels! I wish you could find ours for Valentine's Day!" So, with a big excited grin on my face, I said it'd be okay if he let me pick the hotel so that his time could be freed up to plan the romantic side of the weekend! A good deal, right?!

So guess where we are going? Stockholm, Sweden!  I'm so excited!  This will be country #7 for us!  And exciting!  It will be cold, but really no colder than here!  Plus, that just means more snuggling & being cozy by a fireplace!

It's true: I love looking for hotels.  And Stockholm has some beautiful ones!  But what an expensive place to visit!  So my mission has been to find a charming place to stay without breaking the bank!  I think I've found just the place :)

The hotel is outside of the city center about a 5 minute Metro ride, but that's not bad!  And I found a "3 For 2" deal where we get three nights for the price of two!  {Must be due to the slower tourist season!}  I cannot wait to check-in!

Photos From WayFaring.Info 

And a few photos of beautiful Stockholm in winter!  Before long, I'll be seeing it for myself!!

And, while I'm on the topic, I am definitely going to make sure that when we come back home to Germany, I have one of these wonderful Swedish Dala Horses with me!

Photo From Flickr