Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update From Great Dane Central!

All is well here in our happy home! Lucius' first few days here have gone really well! He & Layla still follow each other around everywhere & play until they fall on the floor & pass out! They're best friends, I think :)

Just as you'd expect, he cried & cried the first night when it was time to go to sleep. We put one of his beds beside Layla's kennel so that they could sleep together. Layla wouldn't go in her kennel, though! I think she was too concerned about the crying puppy! So she laid on the bed & took care of him. But when we shut the door to our room {he wanted to be in bed with us to sleep, which was not gonna happen!}, he just stood on the other side of it & cried & cried! After about 30 minutes, he was quiet. Hooray! I was awakened a few times in the night to the puppy's cries to go outside, but other than that, he was good! And in the morning, after getting up with Don & letting the doggies out, they let me sleep till 9:30! Wow! I came downstairs to find them playing together quietly :)

We've decided to let the two of them sleep wherever they'd like in the house {with the exception of the beds, of course!} because that's what we'd been letting Layla do. She prefers her kennel most of all each night, & I'm guessing Lucius will end up doing the same with his kennel. Although, two nights ago, after letting them outside for a midnight potty break, they both crawled up onto the sofa, curled up tight beside each other, & didn't follow me back upstairs to bed! How cute! I think we're all getting along quite nicely!

Lucius is getting much better at obeying my commands now too! Sit, stay, lay down, bed, kennel, come..... He knew them all fairly well before we got him, he just had to get used to my voice. And learn that I'm boss :)

Just wanted to update you all about how the Ponies are doing! Yes, Ponies... We need a barn!