Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Family Just Got BIGGER!

No, no.  Not that :)  We adopted another Great Dane!  Can you believe it?!!

I received a phone call last Saturday afternoon from the lovely German lady who watches Layla for us while we travel.  She said to me, "Amanda, I have a problem!"  I was at first concerned because I thought she meant that she wouldn't be able to take Layla for Christmas as we'd previously planned!  But no, that wasn't it at all!!!  She went on to tell me that she had been contacted by a woman with a 4 month old boy Great Dane who was in desperate need of finding him a good new home.  The owners of this little boy were so distraught about having to give him away, but they are both in the military, both deploying this Spring, the husband is away training a lot, & the wife leaves in less than a week for the State for schooling!  After telling me all of this, our boarder told me that she had offered to help this woman find her boy a new home, & she told her that she had the perfect couple in mind: us!  She must have known we're suckers ;)

We were stunned!  We'd thrown around the idea of getting another Great Dane, but pictured that happening years from now!  We needed more information...

We met Jenny & her sweet boy that night to see what he was like & to get more information about him.  Wow, what a doggie!  He was born in the Netherlands this past summer, his breeder has been breeding & showing Great Danes for over 30 years, he has had personal training, is already house trained & know most of his commands, he can be let off the leash on walks & will return when called....  Wow!  And he was not cheap.  Plus, his owners had already purchased everything that he needs!  Elevated food & water bowls, two kennels, 4 beds, multiple toys & health products, treats, 3 bags of food.  And he doesn't need to go back o the vet until August 2010!  And to top it off, the owners were willing to give him to us for free, knowing that on such short notice it was more important to find him a good loving home than to try to make back some of the money they had spent.

And so, after much thought, many prayers, & quite a few "Are we crazy to even consider getting another Great Dane?!!", we decided to take him!

We figured this would be good for Layla, too!  If you've been following our blog for a while, you'll remember that we are Layla's 3rd owners.  Poor girl has been handed from Military Family to Military Family.  And so, as you can imagine, she has some anxiety problems whenever we leave her.  Taking this little boy would probably be quite good for Layla too, we thought!

We picked him up last night & brought him home to a very excited girl!  The two of them have been playing ever since, or so it seems.  They are like two peas in a pod, like they are each other's shadow!  They couldn't possibly be getting along any better!

And oh, his name is Lucius.  Layla & Lucius.  How perfect is that :)

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