Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 100th Post! What Better Topic Than...

This is my one-hundredth post!  How incredible!  And what better topic to write about than my wonderful, incredible, sweetheart of a husband & living the life of a Field Artillery wife!  If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be keeping a blog, let alone living in Germany, having a Great Dane for a doggie, & loving every single minute of life {even the not so easy minutes...because we get through those together!}.

Yes, I am a Field Artillery Wife, & I couldn't be more proud!  It isn't easy.  There are many many parts about it that I would never have to deal with if I were married to a man of a different profession.  But I wouldn't change it for a thing!  The most difficult things are also the most rewarding, so they say.  Living a life outside your comfort zone builds you up!  Makes you stronger!  If so, I am definitely stronger :)  Don is gone more often than many husbands.  He works late.  He comes home tired.  I'm sure all wives are so proud of their husbands, but I think I am the most proud!  I am just as impressed with him as I always have been -- & more impressed, too, the longer we are together.

Last Sunday night, while driving home from Church, we drove past many many buses filled with soldiers returning home from their year long deployment.  Bus after bus, I saw so many of them standing up looking so so happy to almost be home!  I couldn't help it; I cried!  A happy cry!  They are home!  I don't know a single one of them, but they are home!  I saw them at the PX & the Commissary, waiting in lines to get their cell phones activated or picking up groceries to re-fill their fridges.  I just wanted to yell, "Welcome Home, Boys!!!!!!  I Am So Proud Of You!!"  This is another part of being an Army Wife.  Part of my heart belongs to each one of them, because they all serve just as Don serves.  What a feeling that cannot be experienced in any other way of life!  Indescribable!

And so, to conclude my 100th Post, I want to say that I am so blessed!  My life is so full of riches, love, happiness, & excitement!  I have the most wonderful husband who I couldn't possibly be more proud of or love any more than I already do!  He is my world, my life, my best friend.  God brought Don & I together, & I know that His blessings will continue!   May my next 100 posts be as exciting as the last!