Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Dane ART - Yes, Please!

I'm becoming quite the sucker for this breed of dogs :) And can you blame me? They might be huge, but that only means that they have that much more love to share! Our Danes are so snuggly, so caring, & so smart! Plus, they require very little work! Make sure they're fed, loved, & given a bit of exercise & I guarantee that they will love you forever! Plus, they are the most playful dogs I've ever known! They carry around their toys, play keep away & tug of war & even hide and go seek! How can you beat that?! I love them!

So, because of my love for this breed, I searched for Great Dane art the other day! I'm putting together a new dog room upstairs since we now have THREE kennels & I want to give Lucius his own place in the house. {You may remember that Layla has her very own nook on the second floor! I'll post pictures soon!} I cleared out our storage room on the third floor by moving everything in it up to the attic (no small chore!), put both of Lucius' kennels in the room, quickly sewed up a curtain using some beautiful Tiffany Blue fabric I had sitting around, hung it & draped it with a baby pink ribbon! Voila! The start of the new Dog Room! I'm contemplating painting, complete with the dogs' names written over the kennels. See, I told you I was a sucker!  Plus, I just love putting together cute rooms, decorating, & making our home unique!

But to get back on track with my original topic of Great Dane art, look at these neat pieces I found online!  Wouldn't they just complete the new Dog Room?!  I sure think so!  And if this art wasn't put in that room but somewhere else in the house, I wouldn't mind either :)

Which one is your favorite?  I can't decide, although I really love the first one!  And the very last picture, the black & white, is actually of Lana Turner & her Great Dane Billy in the 1940s!  How neat is that?!