Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 1/2 Hours & They're STILL Here!

They" being two Hausmeisters who are here to fix our radiators!  I had no idea that the problem was this bad!

So, now that the weather is turning cold, we have started to need heat in the house.  Come to find out the radiators on the second floor (where the bedrooms are, of course!) do not work at all!  Yesterday, I called to schedule a time for them to be looked at.  Eight a.m. this morning, the Hausmeister arrived.  It is now 12:40 & not only did he call a colleague to come help him, but they are still hard at work!  And a word that I have been frequently hearing them say is kaputt!  Not good...

Layla & Lucius, poor doggies, have been in their kennels since 8!  And it turns out that the heat controls are behind a panel in the wall of their dog room!  At this point, they doing even care anymore that there are two strange men in the room with them.  It's been that long.

So here I sit in my Under Armour workout pants & sweatshirt (my "temporary" outfit since I thought I'd be showered & dressed by at least 9!), puppies crying once in a while for me to please let them out, two German men going up & down my stairs, & still...kaputt.

But at least I have someone to fix my radiators!  At least I have Layla & Lucius to "protect" me & make sure that I'm alright having these men in the house!  At least we have heat!  And now that it's been almost 5 hours, I'm hoping the worst is behind us :)


On another completely different topic, I noticed on Facebook that a friend of mine posted a "Status Cloud", similar to the "Label Cloud" I have here on the blog that shows the different topics I have posted about.  {I have it under the header "Post Topics", though.  Makes more sense than it being a "cloud"!}  The larger the word, the more frequently it has been used!  Same with the "Status Cloud".  Kinda neat!  Out of curiosity about what words I have used most over the entirety of my Facebook "life", I decided to generate one of my own, based on all of the statuses I have ever posted.  Here is what was created:

Sounds like me, doesn't it?  :)