Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air! Decorations Everywhere!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And feel like it too! What a wonderful time of year.

I headed into town this morning to meet some other ladies from the neighborhood for coffee & breakfast. We ate at the group's favorite "Cafe Latino", a cozy little restaurant in the middle of downtown Auerbach. I hadn't been in that area in a few days, so I got a big grin on my face as I drove the Mini down the cobblestone streets & saw Christmas garlands, lights, & stars all around me! They were strung over the road, from one cute old German building to another. Even the Apotheke (pharmacy) had a charming Christmas display in their window, complete with moving angels, lit up stars, & plenty of golden glitter! And as I drove further, I saw a huge Christmas tree in the city square!!  It made me feel all warm & cozy & cheerful inside!

I brought out all of my Christmas decorations yesterday, in fact, so now our first floor is in fine form for the Christmas season! Garlands, golden pine cones, sparkly ribbon with holly & berries, my beautiful Nativity scene, snow globes... But I'm missing the lights! Don & I bought some at the PX over the weekend, though, so seeing Auerbach so delightfully decorated made me want to rush home to complete my decorating! And that is just what I did.

Come to find out, however, that I don't have nearly enough lights to decorate the house as I wanted to! So back to the PX I must go. In fact, the other set of lights, which is longer & could have been used outside, turned out to be the multi-colored kind, which wasn't what I meant to buy at all! Whoops! To the PX indeed!

Left the doggies loose in the house (their first time!) to make a quick trip to the Obi in Pegnitz, a 15 minute drive, with my fingers crossed that I might find a better selection there! After all, all their lights will be 220 whereas on Post where most were 110! Thinking excitedly about how nice the house would look with my new lights, I entered the store very hopeful. But no luck. The prices were the same as at the PX, if not higher. So my lighting will just have to wait until I make it to Post again!

I cannot wait for the Kristkindlmarkts here, big Christmas Markets with vendors & Gluhwein & mmm, I can't wait!  The two photos thta I have included in this post are of the Kristkindlmarkt in Nürnberg, about 45 minutes from here & widely believed to be the best Kristkindlmarkt in all of Germany!  Isn't it beautiful?!

Plus, I love the weather. To some, it is dreary & cold & that's all they can think about!  But me?  It's cozy!  Scarves, cute coats, holding hands even though it means you can't put your hand in your pocket :)  Don & I started dating in the wintertime.  My Birthday is next week!  College basketball, which I like a lot, even starts in the winter!  Plus, being with family makes me very happy!  So, a chill in the air, snowflakes on your face & in your hair, seeing the heat from your breath as you breathe, bundling up to go outside, & especially coming back in to a cozy & warm house...  Makes me smile all over!

All of this just to say: I love Christmas!  And, well...what's not to like?!

And don't worry, I will definitely take pictures of Auerbach with all it's decorations!  It's quaint, much smaller than Nürnberg of course, but it's our town!