Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Look // We're Off To Dublin! // Happy Thanksgiving!

Look! A new layout for the blog! I felt like something more clean & fresh, less color everywhere so that the color in my pictures are what actually stand out. I love this layout, complements of YummyLolly designs, which is great!  I personalized it a bit by putting in the I initial :)  What do you think?!!

Well, it's finally here! We're off to Dublin tomorrow & I can hardly believe it! Don & I are both almost completely packed & ready to go! We're dropping Lucius off at the boarder's house in the morning on our way to Munich to catch our flight while Layla stays at the house with our friend Mike. {He'd offered to watch her for us long before we even knew Lucius! Thought we'd better not drop a second Great Dane on him for the weekend! I hope the puppies don't miss each other too bad!}  I'm so excited about this trip!  We'll be eating our Thanksgiving dinner in Ireland!  Wow!

I hope that you all enjoy an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & friends, delicious food, & plenty of relaxation!  There is so much to be thankful for!

Speaking of which, thanks to all of you for your continued support & sweetness :)  You mean so much to both of us!

Lots of love from Germany headed your way!! ♥