Friday, October 9, 2009

Palaces & Gardens, Please!

I'm in the mood for exploring, & what could be better to explore than old German Palaces & Gardens!  I found this website which lists all of the fabulous places in Bavaria, so I started clicking on the ones that look like they are near where we live, & I've made a nice route for us to take one day this weekend!  I am so excited & I hope that we're actually able to do this!  Here are some of the gorgeous places within two hours of our own palace :)

"Schloss" means palace

There is even a Garden Museum here which is dedicated to the history of garden design!  It opened in 2002 & is the only museum of its kind.  I don't you think I would enjoy seeing this museum?  :)








WOW!  And this is all within less than a 2 hour drive from our house!  Since Don has Monday off, I bet we can find time to take a little exploring trip!  :)  Can you imagine living in these places?  Strolling through the gardens with a good book...entertaining in the fabulous rooms...& you know the owners never had to clean, either, which would make it even more lovely!  Ooooh, but I'm awfully cozy here in this palace of our own, even though I do my own cleaning!  Plus, I have a Prince!  And...a pony too!