Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn in Auerbach & Palace Exploring!

As I sit here writing this, there are so many fat & fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky.  It's beautiful!  Welcome to winter in Deutschland :)  I have turned on some of our heaters, there's a hot cup of coffee beside me, & Layla is fast asleep on the sofa (I know.  You must be so surprised!).  I've brought out my pine cone potpourri & I'm dreaming of Germany's famous Christmas Markets!  My flip flops have been replaced by my Uggs, my light North Face jacket replaced by coats & scarves...  And I love it!

Here are a few random pictures that we took a few nights ago.  Don had to work that night (boo!), & before he left, we just started taking pictures for some reason!  Trying to get a photo of all three of us was not easy!

You may remember my last post where I talked about some palaces that I had found close by.  Well, we did go visit!  We saw Schloss Fantaisie & the New Palace of Bayreuth.  It was so much fun going out, just Don & I, to explore.  It was pretty rainy, so we shared my big pink umbrella :)

Schloss Fantaisie, which I mentioned was turned into a Museum of Gardening History, was beautiful & more of a quaint palace...if there can be such a thing!  The gardens there, as expected, were quite large & very pretty!  Fountains, sculptures, bridges, ponds.  Even in the rain, we really enjoyed it!

We decided not to pay to see the museum, however.  From the looks of the main entrance to the Palace, the entire thing had been redone to be modern.  White walls, uninteresting floors & ceilings, modern lighting & furniture...  I'd be interested to see the museum, but we decided to make the most of our time & head to the New Palace instead!

The New Palace at Bayreuth was fabulous!  Huge!  There were 5 different museum areas inside, all of which we were able to see for just  &euros; 5 a piece!  We weren't able to take pictures in the rooms that had been kept original, but my goodness, they were absolutely gorgeous.  So ornate, even the ceilings, which I love to look at.

Here are the pictures from our exploring that day!  I cannot wait to explore some more with my hunny!  How amazing to be so close to such beautiful places!!

Phew!  That was a lot of pictures!  Xoxo, ♥ to you all!  And thanks so much for the comments, everyone!  For those of you who don't know how to comment (it's ok; more than one of you have asked me how!), look just a little bit below this & you will see writing that says, "Click Here To Leave A Comment! 0 Comments So Far..."  Just click on that, type in your info & your note, & there you go!  Your comment will be posted on the blog, attached to whichever post you chose!  Mwah!