Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{Layla Visits The Vet...}

I have one very tired, very medicated Great Dane girl here with me in the living room!  Layla was spayed today, & she is handling it so well!  She has a good 5-6 inch incision on her tummy, but she isn't bothering with it at all, which means she doesn't have to wear the "lampshade" :)

She was quite a sight when I got her home, though.  Poor sweetie even fell over while going potty outside!  Those anesthetics got her good!  She's doing a lot of crying, especially when I leave the room, but really, she's a trooper!!  What a good girl!

The vet told me that Layla's recovery time will be between 10 & 14 days!  After 5 days, though, Layla should be feeling back to her normal self, but she still needs to stay pretty low key.  Don has a 4-day this weekend (WAHOO!) & we considered going somewhere, but we have decided instead to stay around the house & take care of Pony.  It's worth it!  And four days together, whether at home or out exploring, is always wonderful!

Hope that you all are having a truly fabulous week so far!  It sure feels like fall here, & I love it!  Many of the trees have beautiful leaves in shades of red, orange, & yellow now.  The nights are getting quite chilly (you can see I have brought in my bougainvillea!), the days have been overcast & rainy, & you can feel winter on its way!  Soon, I'll be in Uggs & coats!  It makes me wonder...

Will Layla need one of these?!!

Now, please know that I am most definitely not the type to dress up my dog!  But I really have heard that because Great Danes have such short hair, they get cold veeery veeeeeery easily!  And so, maybe Layla will need a sweater!  Although, I can't seem to find one...  I'll keep looking.  If there's anywhere cold enough for her to need to bundle up, I know Germany will be it!  ♥  And...it is kinda cute!