Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Getting A Mini Cooper S!

Don & I have ordered our Mini Cooper S!!!!!!  I'm so excited!  I've been wanting one for a long time, especially since we decided to come to Germany.  What a cute car for Europe!  And practical too!  Going over little bridges, squeezing through tight one-way cobblestone streets & underneath arches!  Perfect!

We went test-driving on Saturday, & obviously we liked it :)  We drove the regular Mini first, which was very nice.  But as soon as Don put his foot to the gas pedal in the Mini Cooper S, we were SOLD!  It was the Sport for us!  That baby has speeeeeed!  Can't wait to drive it on the Autobahn!

We had been thinking about the Mini for so long that we knew what we wanted.  The very cool British man at the dealership who was helping us suggested looking at currently available Minis in the area to see if we could find any that fit what we were looking for.  There were more convertibles than anything, unfortunately.  But he stumbled upon a chili red Mini that is to be made next week, & it has no VIN number or anything!  He called his boss & they decided it must be for a showroom car or something, not for a customer.  They told us if we could decide that day, they would put in our order on this car & hopefully it will be made for us instead of for a showroom!  And so *fingers crossed* we put in our choices for color, etc. & are hoping that we will get this car!  The other way would be to wait at least 2 months for it to be made for us as a 2010 model.  If the first option will work, we should have our Mini around the 1st week of September!

The Mini Cooper S that we ordered will look like the one in the picture above: British Racing Green with white bonnet stripes, white mirror caps, & a white roof!  The salesman, a Brit, was very happy with our choice as this is the traditional style for the British-made Mini Cooper :)  Here is a photo of a 1977 Mini Cooper with the British Racing Green & white details that ours will have.  Classic, huh?!  I am so excited to have our own!

Don is so good to me :)  And I've assured him that he can take the Mini whenever he'd like to drive it -- we will share it like everything else!  But Layla will have to stay in our old BMW...  Although, I have quite the image of her in our Mini, head out the sunroof, ears blowing in the German wind!  You know it'd be cute!!