Monday, August 3, 2009

Can You See Them?

...the pictures from my last post called "Travel Daydreaming", that is :)  Got a note from my Mother-In-Law saying that the pictures weren't showing up for her, so I wanted to know if anyone could see them!  I had so much fun finding them & posting them for you all -- I hope it wasn't pointless!

Could you let me know if you can see them or not?  And if you can't, could you tell me what web browser you are using?  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.  That way I can see how to fix the problem :)

We're doing really well here!  Worked in Don's Squadron's food booth at the Grafenwoehr German-American Volksfest this weekend.  What a mad house!  Beef is very expensive in Germany, so I think that's why our hamburger booth was so busy!  I took control of the orders being made, Don took control of taking orders & money, & before we knew it our one hour shift had turned into 2 1/2 hours!  Then, we rewarded our own hard work with a taste of the local brew & food from some German vendors.  Volksfests have really yummy food!  Puts American carnival food to shame!

Rode in to post with Don bright & early this morning (left the house at 5:20!) so that I could bring the car back for me to use today :)  I'm going back to the fabric store here in Auerbach to get some things for the Guest Room curtains (it's looking good in there!), then attempting (for the third time!) to find the local pet store!  Fingers crossed!

Hope that you all are doing well & enjoying the end of your summer!  Can you believe it's AUGUST?!  Wow.  And Don & I have been in Germany for almost three months!  Time flies when you're having fun!

Please continue to leave comments here on the blog!  We just love hearing from you all!  Missing you!  ♥