Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Daydreaming...

Don's parents are coming to visit us in a few weeks, & we're so excited!  Last night, Don & I planned out a few little travel itineraries & now I am having so much fun looking at the places we are considering visiting!  Wow, we have so much to see!  And even being here three years won't allow us to see it all!  What a strange thought...  But we will do the best that we can!

Here are some photos that I have found of the places we are thinking of visiting!  I cannot wait!!!
Lake Como, Italy

Alba, Italy


Salzburg, Austria

Garmisch, Germany

Innsbruck, Austria

Cinque Terre, Italy
This is about a 3 hour drive from Alba, but my oh my do I want to go here!

All photos found at Panoramio.Com

Someone pinch me!