Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Made Our Kitchen Curtain!

Oh yeah, I just made our kitchen curtain in two hours!  Oh yeah!  :)  My first sewing project, a great success!  ...Anyway, went to a fabric store here in Auerbach with a friend of mine from the neighborhood.  It was a great store with a fairly good selection, but sadly, most of he fabrics have to be specially ordered & take about a week to arrive.  But I wanted to sew today!  So, I found this fabric, which is a nice silky feel in a peachy coral color.  I really liked it, even though it wasn't exactly what I was thinking of for the kitchen, so I got it!  And roughly two hours later, this is what I had...

Hooray!  I really like it!  And as the sun shines in, the color casts a nice warm glow around the room.  What's better than that?!  Makes me want a good cup of coffee & a great book to read!  Oh wait...our coffee maker is broken...That's another project for me to tackle soon!

Now, can anyone tell me where I can find Germany's version of Hobby Lobby?!  I need more fabric!  :) ♥