Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More House Photos, Layla's Birthday, & Decorating!

Here are some more pictures of our house!  These are of our bedroom...and Layla :)
I took these next pictures while Layla & I were out on our walk yesterday.  There are some really pretty walking trails right behind our neighborhood, along with a nice road through the countryside that isn't too busy, so it's great for walking!  Very pretty out there.  These pictures are 1) the sign we pass as we officially head out of Auerbach, 2 & 3) views of our neighborhood!

Also...  Happy 1st Birthday to Layla!  Today, she is one year old -- & still just a big puppy :)  She'll probably put on another 20 pounds too!  And she's already a big girl!  Well, in order to celebrate her birthday properly, I'm thinking of making her a nice treat!  Probably something with peanut butter in it, because I know she'd really love that!  Mmm!

Here's a picture of a Great Dane Birthday, & I don't think we'll be going all out like this...  Sorry, Layla!

On another note, I think I'm going to be busy with the house for the next few weeks!  Don bought me a sewing machine over the weekend!  Yay!  I've been wanting one for a really long time!  I even fall asleep sometimes thinking about what I want to make :)  Curtains for all the rooms, a new dog bed cover for Layla, pillows, maybe even a new apron!  Goodness, do I sound domesticated or what?!  And to add to it all, a friend of mine & I are going to a fabric store tomorrow!  Look out!  And, two of our neighbors came by today -- one is moving soon & wondered if I wanted her leftover paint (which I gladly took off her hands, especially after finding out that we don't have to repaint the house when we move!), & the other just to chit-chat.  After talk of painting, they both ended up giving me tours of their houses!  And ah!  Now, I am ready to do more decorating!  I have fabulous ideas!

So while Don is in the field for the next two weeks (yes, two weeks except for weekends....I don't like it!), I will most likely be a busy bee!  He just might come back to a very different feeling house!  We'll see!  ♥