Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm late getting these pictures posted, but finally here they are!  I like the way the slideshows look on here & it seems like a good way to post a lot at once, so I'm doing that again!  Let me know what you think :)

We went to Regensburg on our Anniversary for an Antique Market there.  It was fun!  I was looking for a desk, a neat pottery canister of some sort to put all my kitchen utensils in (so many!  that's what wedding showers do for ya!), possibly a framed picture for the Guest Room....  Well, there wasn't much furniture at the Antique Market at all, & most of what we saw was just odds & ends...  Old pieces of silverware, glasses, keys, books...  We did buy a New Testament in German from the 1830's, though!  It was only 10 Euro, & it's very neat to look at!  Complete with maps.  How amazing to think of all the places it has been, all the people who have read it :)