Thursday, June 18, 2009

Layla & Tiny

I took this video yesterday because Layla & Don just looked to cute playing together in the yard!  She's always so excited when he gets home from work (me too!), & it's good to see that she is really feeling comfortable with us & feeling like this is her home now :)

I decided yesterday that I would take Layla for a walk!  A friend of mine on our street had the cutest baby boy last month & we'd talked about walking together, so I went to her place to ask if they'd join but the timing wasn't right.  Wishing that I had someone to walk with, I started down the street holding Layla's leash, pulling her back to me once in a while & trying to settle her down from her excitement about our first walk!  Then, another lady on the block who also has a Great Dane (a boy named Tiny!) came out into her yard & asked if she could walk her Dane with me!  Of course!  Well, Layla was so excited, pulling me with all of her 100 pounds, that Tiny & his owner went on ahead & Layla & I stayed back for a bit.  I had my fingers crossed that she'd calm down, but no!  So excited!  Another Great Dane!  Out walking!  Her favorite!!  Ah!  What should have been a 5 minute walk to the park turned into at least a 10 minute walk, with me pulling, commanding (in my serious voice...), wrapping the leash around my had for a better grip, etc.  Finally, we met up with Tiny & let the Danes off their leashes for what turned out to be the cutest dog date I've seen!  haha  The two of them, so huge & playful, chased each other & played in the ponds for at least an hour & a half!  I wish that I'd had my camera!  Layla loved the water & even laid down in it to cool off!  She was wonderful about coming back to me so that I could put the leash on her!  And the walk back was much less of a struggle :)

Went back to my friend's who has the little baby boy & ended up walking with her for an hour!  When Layla & I got back home, I couldn't believe we'd been out for 3 hours!  We were so tired, & I was a bit sunburned.  Needless to say, we relaxed the rest of the day until Don got home.

When he gets home today, we're planning to go to the park again!  This time, Don gets the leash :)