Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Layla Video, Playing In The Yard!

Layla has been in the yard all morning, playing with her toys, watching the birds...and periodically coming into the living room to invite me out to play with her (or just to make sure I'm still here!)  She is so big, but still such a curious puppy!  It's fun to watch her.  Right now, she is staring at a bird feeder in the next yard, fascinated!

She was really good last night about going to bed, although it took a couple tries to get her to stay, which got more than one laugh out of Don & me!  First, we tried letting her sleep on her bed in the hallway by our room.  That didn't work -- she just followed us into the bedroom!  Then, we tried putting her in the kennel but not latching the door.  We'd say goodnight to her, thn go to our room, and time after time, she'd be right beside us before we knew it!  It was to cute!  We ended up havin her in her kennel with the door latched, & she wimpered a bit, but not bad.  She is such a good girl!