Monday, June 15, 2009

Layla! ♥

Here are some pictures of our newest family member!  We just love her already!  Layla is the most calm (& biggest!) 10 month old dog I've ever seen!  She follows Don & me around the house, lays on her bed, & even sits on our laps when we're on the couch (an interesting experience to have a Great Dane that thinks she's a lap dog!) :)  She is such a sweetheart!  She is already at 100 pounds & her back is taller than our dining room table!  She is just a big teddy bear though!!

Layla has already met a lot of the other dogs on our street!  She & I were out in the yard & we ended up with another Great Dane (a boy named Tiny), two mixed breed dogs, & a Min Pin in the yard with us!  She was so well behaved, & everyone kept saying how pretty she is!  We have such a wonderful doggie!