Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're Getting A Great Dane Girl!!

Don & I have been wanting a dog for a while, & we have finally found the one! There is a military family here that is moving back to the States & can only take 2 of their 3 pets with them, & the one they have to leave behind (their newest) is a 10 month old Great Dane girl named Layla! We met her today & she is so sweet! Very well behaved, trained, calm, & all around a beautiful dog! The owners called us about an hour after our meeting & they lowered the asking price, saying that Layla really took to us & they liked us too! We're so excited!

Layla's color is called Merle, which is rare, apparently. Sort of a cookies & cream :) Here is a picture of what she looks like! This isn't her, but when we get her on Monday, I will take pictures! (And pictures of the house too, for those of you who have been asking!! :) Don't worry!)  We are so excited to have her & to be able to give her a good home!

We also got a new TV today!  A bit of a step up from my 20 inch college TV that we were using!!  A bit of an Anniversary present to each other -- Layla too!
Tomorrow, we are going to Regensburg for an Antique Market!  There are going to be over 300 vendors there from all over Europe!  Right up my alley!  I'm so excited!  Plus, Regensburg is supposed to be a great place to visit, with a big Cathedral & a nice Old Town area.  Here is a wonderful picture for you all that I found on wikipedia.  I'll post any pictures that we take tomorrow!  Yay!

So, as you can tell, we are having such a wonderful time here so far!  We are seeing beautiful places, doing such fun things, & making some awesome purchases!!  :)  Plus, before long, we'll have a big puppy to join in on all the fun!

Well, I'm off to pull the lasagna out of the oven & then Don & I are going to watch a movie on our new TV!  A year ago, we were at our Wedding Rehearsal.  How time flies!  And we're just as in love as ever!  Life is wonderful!!!!

Love to you all!  Have your passports yet?!  Xoxox  ♥