Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, African Violets, Oh My!

I'm putting these pictures up for my Mom, mostly, because she is the one who gave me my love for all plants, gardening, & African Violets :) Don bought me both of these beauties for less than the cost of the terracotta pots they are in! The purple violet was less than €1! I might have to get another :) They are doing wonderfully in the house, & both are just covered in buds!

Also, I have planted two hibiscus bushes in the backyard, one on either side of our patio.  Here is a picture of the exact type I planted, the Hibiscus Syriacus "Woodbridge".  Both bushes already have a lot of buds on them, so I don't think it should be too much longer before they blossom!

We also have a potted Bougainvillea on our back patio next to our bench.  (The photo to the right is obviously not of our backyard (I Wish!), but it is a Bougainvillea!  Maybe ours will get this big?!)  I couldn't believe the plants I found when Don & I went to the gardening store!  Hibiscus!  Bougainvillea!  Orchids for less than €10!  Amazing!  I'm not in Colorado anymore.

I am still looking for peonies to plant in the garden, however.  I love the peonies my Mom has (we cut peonies from my Mom's yard for our wedding bouquets!) & have always wanted my own!  I'm pretty sure they are my very favorite flower :)  And, after months of hoping that they can grow in Germany, I arrived to find peony plants in so many gardens here!  Hooray!  Now...to find my own!

It's a very cold, windy, rainy, all around dreary day here in Auerbach, so I don't much feel like going out to take pictures!  But once the weather warms up (fingers crossed!), I will take pictures to show you all just what the garden loks like now, in its very first stages.  And photos of the interior of the house are coming soon!  Let me hang all the pictures up first :)