Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don's Moving On To FLORIDA! :)

Don has passed the Mountain Phase of Ranger School & is moving on to the Florida Phase!  Wahoo!  I was expecting a phone call from him today.  He'd written in his letters that April 11th was his break, & I couldn't wait to hear from him!  Imagine my surprise when, while at Don's parents last night for dinner, the phone rang & the caller ID read "US Army"!  Don's Dad picked up, & guess who it was?!  :)  The phone was quickly handed over to me, huge grin on my face, & Don & I were able to talk for a bit!  It only amounted to about 2 minutes, but that's all I needed to get me through these last 3 weeks!  Plus, considering my cell phone was in my purse since I wasn't expecting a call, I missed 2 calls from Don before he tried his parents' house.  Thank goodness I was over for dinner!!!

He's doing absolutely great.  He sounded so good.  No more awful cough like he had the last time he was able to call!  He said that the Mountain Phase was awful, but it's over now!!  I am so proud of him!  We weren't able to talk about very much because of the time crunch, but just knowing that he's doing well & in good spirits is enough!  We'll see each other soon!  :)

I bought my plane ticket today to go to Fort Benning for Don's Ranger Graduation!  My parents are coming with me, which is exciting too!  Then, Don & I make the drive (loooong drive at that!) back to Colorado, then off to Germany!  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  It's hard to really imagine that a month from now, we'll be in Germany!  Pinch me!  It hasn't hit me yet...

On another note, I hope that you all have an absolutely wonderful Easter tomorrow!  Easter is such a wonderful & important holiday to me because of my faith, but I'm also reminded of when Don proposed in New York's Central Park on Good Friday of 2007 :)  Here's the picture, which I adore so much!  Don proposed just perfectly.  God has given me so many blessings!  And Easter is such a wonderful reminder of each of them.

Love to you all!