Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Way To Support Our Troops - Dogs!

We got the catalog FetchDog in the mail today, & there is a great article on a puppy training organization called Puppies Behind Bars. They train prison inmates to raise service dogs that are eventually given to injured veterans who have served in Iraq & Afghanistan. I thought this was such a neat organization that I should share it :)

Here is the Puppies Behind Bars website page that explains completely:

Also, FetchDog has created a really cool dog toy for $16, & $2 of every purchase is donated to train these dogs for our country's heroes. Check it out here!

I love to see our brave men & women being supported for what they do, for protecting us even at the most difficult of times. I also love puppies :) To see the two put together in such a helpful and sweet way is wonderful, I think! I haven't seen anything like this before!

If I had a puppy, I definitely would buy this patriotic toy for her :)