Thursday, January 12, 2012


We're back in the States, & something about the change has inspired me to blog a bit! Also, I have a sweet new Android phone that lets me blog on the go...  So maybe that adds to the fun :) We'll see how this works!

Back to the big news: we're living in America again! And who would have thought it, but there's been some culture shock with our return! Restaurants everywhere, so many choices, everything's open late, busy busy busy... Germans certainly taught me that living a slow paced life is relaxing and rewarding. None of this "always connected to the internet" business. Not that I can talk! It's too easy, this American way of life.

Alright, my fingers are tired. But I'll leave you with a picture of Layla &z Lucius during our two day drive across the country :) They were actually pretty comfy in the back seat of my truck!