Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Can Find Me . . .

Well, it's happened. I've lost my need to blog. Honestly, I don't know anymore what to blog about! Unless I stumble upon something wonderful & lovely, of course, like OPI's latest nail polish color collection : )  But that's just a given!

Honestly, though...  I really haven't been inspired to write lately.  Er, in the last few months!  Don is home, I'm loving life, & we're starting to plan our move back to the States!  Eek!  Life is full for me right now, so I tend to be away from the computer more often than not.  But really...  What would I blog about these days?

I will definitely keep this blog.  Stay tuned!  I will post when inspiration strikes!  And who knows what {or when!} that may be!

But until then, if you want to see what I'm loving lately, check out my Tumblr page at  It's so easy to quickly post a photo there, a video, a words necessary.  So if you'd like to see my style, to take a peek at what catches my eye, then head over there :)  I honestly add to this page almost daily.  So easy!  And if any of you have a Tumblr page, please share!

Here's to hoping that I find something lovely to write about for you all sometime soon!  Any ideas?!  What keeps you coming back to my blog?!  Help!  : )  Enjoy the rest of your week!!  ♥
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