Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travel Review: Beautifully Artistic Dresden, Germany!

I bet you've been wondering where I've gone! Well, I'm still here; don't worry :) Frankly, I just haven't known what to post about lately!  So tell me: what keeps you coming back to my blog?  Is it the travel photos & stories, the recipes, the personal pictures of myself, husband & two little Danes?  Or maybe it's hearing about this military lifestyle, the once-in-a-while knitting project posts, or just what I happen to be interested in at the moment?  Help me out here.  What should I post about nowadays?!  :)

For today, though, I'm covered!  Don & I took a quick weekend trip to the German city of Dresden.  We hopped on the train & blissfully read {or people watched!} for about 3 hours until we arrived at the bahnhof!  Er, train station!  After a quick 10 minute walk, we found ourselves in the heart of the Altstadt {Old Town} and at our little apartment-style hotel, the Aparthotel "Münzgasse".  You can read my Trip Advisor review here if you'd like!

Above, you can see my handsome husband standing on Münzgasse street, with a view of the top of the Frauenkirche in the background {see how close the hotel was?!}.  That's also the famous Frauenkirche in the photo on the left.  This church has incredible history, which you can read about @ the Wikipedia links above.  But basically, during World War II, the Allied Forces bombed the city with incendiary bombs, which create fire.  The heat in the city reached over 1,000 degrees Celsius, causing the structure of the Frauenkirche {among many other buildings} to literally explode & collapse.  It wasn't until the early 1990s that the church was restored.  Until that point, the people of Dresden wanted the church to remain in its crumbled condition, a symbol for promoting peace in the world.  However, after gathering over 1 million euro in donations, the church was reconstructed using many of the original stones.

Dresden certainly had an overall feel of creativity, with many world-famous art museums {we saw the beautiful work of Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, & more!} & bizarre modern art out for all to see.  And of course, delicious beer!

Interested in some dinner theater?  These actors will definitely pique your interest!  Or, instead, you could wander through the beautiful city with your sweetie!  That was our choice ♥

Here I am next to the Fürstenzug {Procession of Princes}, a 335 foot long mural on 25,000 porcelain tiles.  And lastly, another view of Dresden with the top of the beautiful Hofkirche {City Church} in the background.

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